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Coming Soon, several platforms, markets & stores! You and I can buy, sell or trade FREE. Cannabis, Dagga, Wine, Spirits Plus Plus Plus Meta E commerce, meta social media, block chain so no central ‘D+g’ who can use abuse & waste our time/money.

The time has come for everyone to have a unique bespoke web presence, not be on a For more details you will have to wait or contact

KWV Market-Place Coming Soon ...

The (Official) SA Cannabis Exchange, The SA Dagga Exchange. Source, trade, list and promote cannabis and related products and services FREE!

Dagga Store is a crowd-based peer 2 peer sharing application. (Beta) Do not let our name fool you we are the largest weed or dagga store in the the world that does not sell dagga the most emotionally charged slang word for cannabis. It’s the most unique cannabis store and dispensary. Simply it does not sell or encourage others to sell or use cannabis. Dagga Store (Official) is not for profit thus in the countries that are more advanced and allow the use of cannabis (Dagga) may trade buy or sell dagga within their borders. © Dagga Cloud 2019.

  • Legal Notice. Cannabis is not legal in most countries and regions thus we do not sell or encourage others to break the law in any way whatsoever. This site can only be used in countries and regions that allow the use of medical or luxury cannabis. If you have the legal right to use cannabis seek out a medical professional if seeking genuine medical applications. Otherwise do not use opiates they will kill you.

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